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Tips For Finding The Right Shoes And For The Right Occasion

There is more than fashion when it comes to finding the right shoes and for the right occasion and function. Functionality and keeping your feet in the right shape are the two core tips to keep at the back of your mind when buying shoes. Although there are plenty of other tips that can help you find the right shoes, EGO Show reviews will guide you in the right direction, to have an idea of what others who have tasted the brand before, what they feel and what they have to say about a brand is important to note. Too many complaints about a brand give you a hint about a brand and many positive opinions give you green light to go ahead and test the brand with other parameters.

Other tips important to note when buying shoes

Trace your foot

This is the priority number one if you think you might buy if it passes the tracing test. If the shoe is shorter or narrower than the tracing of your feet, forget about it, don’t even waste your time trying it on. The tracing of your feet tells it all.

Shop for shoes during the afternoon

There is a good reason behind this tip. Your foot naturally expands after good use of it. Probably, in the afternoon, you will have gone several ups and downs especially for those whose main agenda for the day was to shop for clothes and shoes, do the shoe part in the afternoon. Your feet will have expanded to the maximum.

Wear the same type of socks while trying on

While trying on a certain brand of shoes, make sure you wear the same type of socks and the type that you intend to wear often with the type of shoes you want to buy. This will eliminate the shoe pinches after wearing them for some time. It will ensure the shoe fits your feet well even after wearing them for a while.

Measure your feet with the salesperson

Seek the help of a salesperson. They know much better than you know about the shoes. Make sure you get measured every time you buy new shoes because the shape and the size of the shoes keep changing with age, they often grow wide and larger, and a few cases are the contrary. If one foot is larger than the other one, most cases like this happen, buy the size that fits the larger one.

Stand in the shoes

After standing in the shoe, press gently to ensure you have space in front to provide enough space for your toes to press forward while walking or running if they are meant for sporting activities. Walk around in the shoes and ensure they fit snugly; they do not pinch or slip off.

Examine the soles

Depending on the intended use, make sure the soles have the right weight. For the sporting activities like running, they should be as light as possible but sturdy enough to prevent sharp objects from pricking through. Examine they have the right cushioning to make your feet as comfortable as possible.

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