Swedish Dresses for Men and Women: Swedish Trends

With more than 50 brands ranging from small speciality boutiques to full-scale international brands, transparently reviewed on ReviewsBird Sweden, the Swedish fashion market is diverse and fast-changing.

Swedish fashion is quite formal. Most Swedes prefer to dress up when going out in the evening to relax and have a good time with friends or family. The Scandinavian country has a long history of quality fabrics and craftsmanship that shines through in their clothing and decor today. Brands like AboutYou take care of the quality and sustainability of the dresses.

Swedes don’t like

Traditionally, Swedes don’t like wearing denim or other casual clothes at home, so they tend to only wear them when going out for an evening or a party. They also consider it disrespectful to wear jeans at someone else’s home , you are there as a guest and should dress accordingly.

Swedes are trendsetters!

When it comes to the latter, one of the most recent trends in Sweden is a focus on sustainable fashion. This trend is being propelled by the Scandinavian design community’s increased focus on ethical and sustainable practices. Brands such as H&M have also embraced sustainable fashion. In addition to sustainable fashion, Swedish designers are also embracing minimalism and comfort as two more recent trends in Sweden.

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion brands are seeing strong growth and have the potential to continue growing at a double-digit rate. Sustainable fashion is making the transition from the luxury segment to the mainstream, with a growing number of mass-market brands moving into the market.

Minimalistic fashion

This minimalist trend is a natural extension of the minimalism that has been prevalent in Scandinavian design for centuries. With roots in the traditions of Scandinavian folk art, Scandinavian minimalism aims to create designs with maximum visual impact through the simplicity of form and bold use of colour. This minimalist aesthetic is typically characterized by crisp, modern lines and simple, essential shapes.


Classic Scandinavian silhouettes are timeless, relaxed designs that are worn casually with a more informal, downtown attire. These silhouettes are timeless and iconic, making them perfect for any occasion. Swedish designers are perfecting their craft, making classic silhouettes relevant and modernizing them with a more contemporary twist.

Swedish men dressing

Swedish men usually wear dark-coloured suits with white shirts and ties for work, while women usually wear long dresses and skirts. You won’t see many people wearing short skirts or shorts in Sweden, it is not considered appropriate by most people, especially if you are visiting someone’s home. Instead, you will see many Swedes wearing colourful summer dresses almost all year round.

Notable fashion trends in Sweden

Designers in Sweden are very talented and know how to blend Scandinavian-style approaches in fashion. Notable fashion trends in Sweden are aviator jackets, structured suites, classic trenches, casual chic and statement coats. Most of the time, Swedes go for nude colour palettes and monochromic colours for their dressing to create statement styles but sometimes, they go colourful to balance the trends.