Doing It For Yourself

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the world that’s around us that we completely forget those little cogs that make you, you. It’s so easy to be hidden in a bubble in your work life and the norm of your surroundings that those things you once held so dear slip right through your fingertips without you even batting an eyelid – and that’s ok, it happens to us all sometimes. The trick is getting those things that were once so centric in your life back close to your chest where they belong, but sometimes it can be a case of love completely lost. For me, that was this – the place you’re at right now reading about why I fell out of love with something I started to express my creativity, which was so important to me growing up.

As a teen in a small town, no one cared about what featured in Vogue that month, or what Alexander McQueen was creating for the next season, or even what artists work was going down in history – but I did. I had no one to talk to about all those things I felt so passionate for, which was where The Fashion Wonderland began. Fresh from, I started The Fashion Wonderland after realizing there was, after all, I place I could go to chat all things fashion and art and lo and behold, it stuck. The sticking to it part is the most surprising part of all as being completely ADD prone I’d usually find some new project to start up and move onto the next before even finishing the first thing I decided to do – it was a vicious cycle of hobby related indecisiveness. But it was the community that kept me going. Everyone was so nice, so tight knit and so engrossed in what they had to talk about, which was something I could completely relate to. It was a whole new world full of people just like me, who wanted to talk about the same things that I did – clothes, shoes, bags and the nitty gritty details that make them all the things they are to us.

And that brings us to today. Quickly running up to speed with everyone else in the blogging world and the amazing newcomers who began coming out of thin air, I was lost in a world where clichés needed to be followed and order was created. I mean, what kind of blogger are you if you don’t have a Chloe Faye or a Celine Boston? The Fashion Wonderland continued to grow which motivated me so much and shooting with my friends who were bursting with ideas just like I was were my favourite kind of days. There was dedication, inspiration and so. much. content.

Months down the line and the saturation in the blogger world increased even more, and my work life took top spot over the work I did on my blog in my spare time. I worked full time before, but it wasn’t my priority – fast forward to starting my career however and you have a contrasting story. Priorities change in a young person’s life so often and keeping up to speed with yourself is never easy, and this is where love become lost. Stuck in a rut, I began pumping out content I didn’t care about – 200 word posts about an outfit I hardly even threw together (who cares about Oliver Peoples sunglasses anyway, right), and trying to remember how I did it last year and how I was so patient about it. The truth? I’ve simply grown out of it.

What once was something I could so passionately discuss and write about for hours and hours is no longer of interest to me. We grow up, we find new interests, we harbour new opinions as we grow and as our lives change. I want to talk about more, I want to shout my opinion and interests from the rooftops, and I want it to mean something to me. So that’s where The Fashion Wonderland will be changing. I still wear the same clothes; I still like the same stores and god forbid I’ll ever stop talking about fashion – that will never change… But I will be getting more topical about what’s on my mind and going back to my roots in the luxury fashion world talking about the people who drove me into this world again just like in the start. It’s the world according to Laura, so say hello to the new and hopefully improved The Fashion Wonderland…