How to Find and Buy Custom Rings

Custom rings refer to personalized, unique rings in which you have something special to you engraved on it. It is better than the usual, regular ring because you have something dear to you and your partner engraved on it. It holds more value than the price at which it was purchased. You can find information about custom rings online. You can also read reviews about handcrafted rings from Limoges Jewelry. There you will find a lot of information about custom rings. Limoges Jewelry has many beautiful pieces you can check out and have them design your custom ring.

Getting your desired custom ring can be quite tasking, which is why we will give you some tips on how to find one.

· Determine the type of ring you want

This is the most tasking part of the search. Finding the perfect ring can be difficult, but you have to. It is even now quite harder when the ring is meant as a gift to your loved one. You have to consider if the ring is going to be a temporary ring, such as the engagement ring or something more permanent. Even after you select the piece you envisioned; you can still get dazed other beautiful pieces out there. Narrow down the choice of your ring. Browse through jewelry stores, check the internet, ask around, check different styles – modern and traditional rings. Look at different metals, various elements, have an informed decision.

· Decide on what you want to be engraved

This might be tasking for some, while others might already have it in mind. Since the engraving is something permanent, carefully make your choice. Depending on the receiver and the occasion, make your choice of engraving. You can engrave a sentimental phrase, monograms, symbols, significant dates, a funny phrase, and lots more. You can even imprint a biblical passage, especially if you or the recipient is a traditional, spiritual type. Remember to write down precisely what you want to engrave.

· Find a good jewelry designer

After you have your type of ring and what you want to engrave on it, the next step is to find an excellent jewelry engraver. There are many jewelry designers out there; getting the right designer is of paramount importance. No one wants a mistake – a mistake that cannot be altered – on a permanent ring. Ask around, read reviews, you can check Limoges Jewelry out too to score their works. Check for previous designs, and when you find one, make sure you like their work before you commit.

· Meet the jewelry designer

When you have your designer, you will have to meet. When you meet, tell the engraver your choice ring. The engraver will help you in choosing the perfect piece, and you can give the engrave what you want to embed, which you have written down already. Remember that the engraver is an artist, so, listen to his or her recommendation. Ask questions. Know how much it will cost you, ask about the warranty, ask for details. Tell the engraver to give you a mock-up design of what the final piece will look like when done. 3D computer design will be better.


Custom rings are great and serve as a constant reminder of the commitment made. When you find and buy your custom ring, remember to get it insured.

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