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How to Design Your Own T-Shirts

The t-shirt is among, if not the most famous part of apparel worn worldwide. It is simple and convenient, rendering it a great choice across all demographics. You can get a shirt from just about anywhere since it is the most basic piece. Despite its being basic, it is possible to different ways of personalizing and changing up. Here are four reasons that might appeal to your interest in custom t shirt printing.

  • Today’s t-shirt printing technologies have also undergone some changes so they’re not similar to the screen-printing technologies of the past
  • Due to the innovative heat t-shirt printing processes today, consumers are permitted to order only a single piece of a shirt for every design
  • They will no longer order countless shirts first design, as with the past
  • So, this means consumers can order t-shirts that only they will have
  • This puts a unique touch to the ensemble you come up with making use of your custom t shirt

Custom T-shirt

Custom T-Shirts as an Effective Advertising Medium

You can get creative using the design and have fun by it yourself. Designing promotional t-shirts doesn’t necessarily be created by your creative people. Any printer can function along to produce a unique design. Always keep in mind though to make the shirt representative of what you are as a brand. You are most excited about your small business. So, you should always be absolutely clear on the message you want to emerge on your custom t-shirt printing.

  • After the Second World War, veterans started to show up in public wearing only their t-shirts being an upper garment
  • It was only inside the 1950s, though, once the t-shirt jumped for the public’s consciousness after icons like Marlon Brando, John Wayne, and James Dean began wearing this in public
  • Dean’s sudden death cemented the t-shirt’s image as a cultural icon as much as it did the actor himself, especially since he wore a t-shirt prominently in Rebel Without a Cause

The biggest drawback to using this method is that the cost of printing goes high because it consumes a lot of time in printing only one garment. In spite of the high cost, the prints fade away sooner. Moreover, as this is a fresh technology there are lots of practical problems in using the machines and handling them efficiently.

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